What makes the Creative Wellness Studio a special place?

joyful process art

Making art excites and challenges your child’s mind. We spark your child’s imagination with topics and techniques while providing them with artistic freedom to follow their own ideas and make their own creative choices. We don’t put much emphasis on the finished product, rather we encourage your child to express themselves freely and discover the joy of making art.

nurturing environment

We provide a small group environment where your child feels comfortable to express themselves. We get to know your child and learn how best to nurture their unique creative interests and strengths, as well as overcome frustrations and challenges. Our studio dog Sanders provides kids with constant love and joy throughout our programming, turning our studio into a truly special place.

art, yoga + mindfulness

We all need to create. Engaging your creativity is an essential ingredient for happiness and well-being at all ages. We promote well-being through joyful process-based creating, as well as through community collaborations to offer yoga, mindfulness and more.

inspiring space

Creativity is best developed in a beautiful, engaging and supportive space. We structure the studio space in a way that allows your child access to a vast array of well organized materials and encourages them to move about the studio according to their creative energy and interests.


Our Creative Offerings

After School Art Club

Little Artist Drop-ins

Open Studio Drop-ins

No School Studio Days

Parents’ Night Out

Weekend Workshops

Homeschool Groups

Birthday Parties

Puppy Love


How it Works

Step 1

Check out our offerings and choose the perfect creative outlet for yourself or your child.

Step 2

Register (or drop-in for Open Studio and Little Artists)

Step 3

Joyfully make something.