We are an art studio in Southwest Bend with a focus on wellness and the creative process. Our Art Workshops for children, teens and families emphasize process over product and encourage young people to explore and develop their creativity. We provide Wellness Services including Coaching, as well as workshops to combine art with well-being practices such as mindfulness and gratitude. We believe that the process of creating is an essential wellness practice for all ages and strive to support our community in cultivating creativity, health and happiness. 

About Sarah

Sarah Brandt founded the Studio to create a space where children and teens can experience the joy of making and develop skills and habits to lead a healthy and fulfilling life. She has studied and explored a multitude of art mediums and is passionate about the powerful role that creativity plays in well-being and happiness. Sarah's path includes earning her Masters and Education Specialist degrees in Educational, School and Counseling Psychology, training in Health and Wellness Coaching, working at all levels in K-12 schools as a School Psychologist, and providing coaching and counseling with children and teens in her private practice as a Registered Psychotherapist in Denver, CO. Sarah takes a strengths-based approach to helping young people thrive and is currently earning her ICF coaching certification.  

About Devin

Devin O'Neill is a lifelong creative and tinkerer. He built a canoe for his dad when taking wood shop in high school, founded a company to revive and sell his mom's custom baby artwork and most recently developed the MagBelt - a magnetic apparel belt. Devin learned how to sew from his grandma, made the belt prototype, got funded through Kickstarter and recently received a patent for his invention. Devin runs Magzook Tighening Systems in addition to his work at the Studio.