Child + Teen Coaching

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Sarah works with children + teens to empower them with skills and habits to increase happiness and well-being.


Your child will learn to:


Manage Stress

  • Identify their stressors
  • Understand how stress is affecting their mind and body
  • Use mindfulness to take control of stress and ground themselves while riding the waves of negative emotions

Increase Happiness

  • Identify negative thinking traps and develop healthy thought patterns 
  • Build positive habits including mindfulness and gratitude
  • Increase awareness of the mind-body connection and take action to improve health through exercise, sleep, nutrition and self-care

Build Confidence

  • Identify and apply their strengths, talents and passions in a meaningful way
  • Challenge limiting beliefs
  • Develop a growth mindset 
  • Increase positive self-talk and develop self-compassion

Getting Started


  • If you would like to discuss your reasons for seeking support for your child and learn more about Sarah's approach, start by contacting her for a free phone consultation. 

Schedule an Appointment

  • When you are ready to begin, schedule your first appointment with our online scheduler or contact Sarah. During the first session, your child will spend time with Sarah to start building a relationship and learn about the process of working together. You will have the opportunity to join the session and collaboratively identify goals and a plan for our work together.